Episode 332 – Wayne Yoshida – KH6WZ

Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ, has been an active ham since the 1970s, growing up in Los Angeles.  Wayne is a home brewer, especially microwave equipment on 10 GHz, and has taken our amateur radio hobby to the Maker Faire in the Bay Area for live demonstrations. As a technical writer and Contributing Editor to CQ Magazine, Wayne is in one of the best places to experience just about everything in ham radio.

Wayne’s Channels

First License: Age 17, 1976, Novice, WA6SGH
New KA6KGU novice call sign

Building And Contesting On 10 GHz – Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ from QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, August 2020. 

George Zafiropoulos, WA6CMM, now KJ6VU  
Bob Adams KA7CRE
Bob Miles, WA6LLW
Peter O’Dell, KB1N
Doug DeMaw, W1FB
Lou McCoy, W1ICP
Paul Pagel, N1FB
Mike Ramirez, W6YLZ
Chip Angle, N6CA

Popular Electronics Magazine
Ham Radio Kits
The Smell Behind the TV Set, A Childhood Memory
Electronics Illustrated Magazine
Cleveland Institute of Electronics Correspondence Courses
Junior High Shop Class Memories
Penny Saver Newspaper, Los Angeles
Codemaster Code Tapes
World DX Friendship Year, 1973
Zenith Transoceanic Receiver
Vintage Electronic Color Organ
Dyscalculia – dyslexia with numbers
LaQuinta High School, Westminster, CA
CalGrant Schlorships
Golden West College, Huntington Beach, CA
UCLA – University of California at Los Angeles
UCLA Amateur Radio Club, W6WRA, Boulter Hall
General Education Requirements, University of California
The Reason College Education is valuable – Hartford Courant Newspaper
Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner
ARRL Headquarters, Newington, CT
“Watch that Transmitter Grid Current Go Up”
QRP – Low Power Amateur Radio
Transmitter Hunting
Offset  Attenuator Transmitter Hunt
ARRL Field Day
San Bernardino Microwave Society
RACES, City of Huntington Beach
Maker Faire, San Mateo
World Maker Faire, NYC
No-Code Amateur License History
Ham in Space 
STS-9 Space Shuttle Mission
Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade
PRB1 – Federal Preemption on Amateur Radio Antennas
CQ Magazine
CQ Kit Building Column
Surface Mount Technology
Point to Point Wiring
Amateur Radio Restoration
Heathkit Company

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: HOA restrictions on amateur radio antennas.  

Advice to new or returning hams: go back to what brought you to ham radio in the first place. 

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Zenith Transoceanic SW Receiver
RF Power Meter for Maker Faire
Heathkit SB-630 Station Controller Rebuild
Working 10GHz from Frasier Mountain, CA

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