Chameleon EmComm II Amateur Ham Radio Antenna Review

A slightly different form of hybrid is the Chameleon Emcomm II.The Emcomm II is a portable antenna, which can also be very good to use as a base station antenna. With the large frequency range of 1.8 – 54MHz, this antenna covers all shortwave bands completely. At the Emcomm II a 18m wire already connected. In contrast to the hybrid, mobile Whips etc. can not be mounted.

For easy installation, the balun has on the top a ring terminal with a snap hook which serves simultaneously as a tension relief for the radiator. On the bottom there is a PL-jack for the coaxial cable and an additional screw with wing nut for a ground connection.

The antenna can be built in different variants to the optimal use of (non) available space. At the same time you can also influence the emission behavior of the Emcomm II by these different structure types.

The Emcomm II supports up to 500 W PEP (250 W CW). Depending on the configuration, a tuner is required. The built-in tuner in transceivers are fully sufficient here.






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