FX700 Vector Network Analyzer

Metropwr FX700 is a vector network analyzer 0.1/700 MHz used to measure all the parameters of an antenna. It has a large 4.3 “touch screen display and a very powerful 32 bit microprocessor that allows you to view graphics and smith diagrams.

Metropwr FX700 can measure all the parameters R, Z, X, including the sign of the reactance. It can measure the length of coaxial cables and detect a fault on them. It can measure the length of coaxial cables and detect a fault on them a dedicated menu for measuring quartz parameters and a menu to measure multiband antennas. The main features:

  • Measurament R, Z, X (sign), SWR, Phase, ReturnLoss, Tdr, L, C
  • Smith chart
  • TDR (time domain reflectometer )
  • Cable length measurement
  • Calibration OPEN,SHORT,LOAD (osl)

FX700 has a large virtual keyboard to enter the scan parameters, and on the right the menu to view the swr of the antenna.

Fx700 can be connected to the PC through the USB port. It is possible to export measurements, graphics and even screen shots of the display. It is compatible with third-party software that runs on windows. It is possible to print the graphs or create a pdf file of the measurements.

FX700 is very reliable and fast and can be used outdoors when measuring antennas.

Metropwr FX700 Technical Features

  •  Coverage 0.1/700 MHz
  •  Display 4,3″ color
  •  Capacitive Touch screen
  •  Connector N
  •  Measurament R, Z, X (sign), SWR, Phase, ReturnLoss, Tdr, L, C
  •  Impedance 50,75,100,150,300 ohm
  •  Calibration OPEN,SHORT,LOAD (osl)
  •  Smith chart, measure multiband antenna
  •  TDR (time domain reflectometer )
  •  Cable length measurement
  •  Storage of graphics on the SD card in BMP or PNG format
  •  Export images via SD Card
  •  Measure quartz parameters
  •  Menu generator
  •  Fast / accurate scan
  •  Battery LI-ion included (2600mA)
  •  USB charging circuit
  •  Firmware upgrade via USB
  •  3.7V operating voltage
  •  Compact dimensions 135 x 32 x 85 mm
  •  Weight 250gr
  • $349 euros

Metropwr FX700 Manual



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