Episode 357 – Greg Algieri – WA1JXR

Greg Algieri, WA1JXR, began his ham radio journey by asking his dad for a Gillette Blue Razor Blade to make this first receiver, leading to amateur radio licenses, higher electronics education, and an entire career with Raytheon, where he worked in radio and antenna design.  WA1JXR is active in his amateur radio community as a teacher of new and existing hams, restoring boat anchor vintage radios, and getting on the air.  He is my guest in this QSO Today.

Hometown: Westerly, RI

First License:  Age 15, 1967 WN1JXR

First Rig:  
Hallicrafters S-38 Receiver
March 1968  Popular Electronics,  “The Bare Essentials Transmitter,  W5LET on a Pine board on 80 and 40 meters
Inverted V Antenna
Heathkit HW-16 Novice Transceiver

Current Rig:
Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver
Kenwood TS-940 HF Transceiver
Boat Anchor Amateur Rigs
EF Johnson Viking II Transmitter
Collins 75A-4 Receiver
Collins R-390 Receiver
Wire antenna – Extended Double Zepp
600 ohm Balanced Antenna Line
Johnson MatchBox
Palstar AT5K 3500 Watt Antenna Tuner
EF Johnson Viking Ranger II
Collins 75S-1 Receiver
Kenwood R2000
K7DYY Class D AM Transmitter
Astatic D104 Microphone

Foxhole Radio
Telephone Trunk Cable
Gillette Blue Razor Blade Detector
Citizens Band Radio
Hallicrafters S-38 Receiver
Civil Defense Director 
Pawcatuck, CT
50C5 Vacuum Tube
All American Five Receiver
Neon Bulb
BFO – Beat Frequency Oscillator
Paper Route
TriCity Amateur Radio Club, New Hampshire
Morse Code Head Copy
Regional Vocational High School
TV Repair Man
Rhode Island Junior College, AA 
University of Rhode Island, BSEE
Industry Coop with University
Naval Electronics Security Information Center, , now Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington DC
Raytheon Corporation, Sudbury, MA
Wooster Polytechnic Institute, MSEE
Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
Emcomm – Emergency Communications
ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Central Mass Amateur Radio Association
Covid19 Pandemic
ARRL Field Day
Straight Key Century Club
Long Island CW Club
The Doctor Is In, Amateur Radio Traffic Net – need link
Antenna Modeling with Software
Link Coupled Transmitter Network
Greenlee Punches
Analog Panel Meter
Variac Voltage Adjustment
Toyota Prius 
Subaru Outback
Triumph Spitfire
Reflections, by Walter Maxwell

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now:  Getting new people into the hobby. 

Excited most by:  Amateur radio is a great hobby with opportunities to meet new people. 

Advice to new or returning hams: There are so many facets to ham radio, take a look at everything.​

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Hallicrafters S-38 Receiver
Heathkit HW-16 Novice Transceiver
Collins R-390 Receiver
Kenwood R-5000 Receiver

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