JTAlert 2.50.8 is available – FT8



    - Callsigns Window: New ATNO (All Time New One) visual alert for the Wanted DXCC,       US State and VE Province alerts. When the ATNO is triggered the callsign display tile will blink. See the Help file "Tutorials 

-> ATNO Visual Alert" topic for setup and usage instructions.

    - Decodes window: New "Window On Top" option.

    - Wanted Callsigns: New option to export the list of callsigns to a csv file.

    - Ignored Callsigns: New option to export the list of callsigns to a csv file.

    - User Defined Alert: New ATNO environment variables, %JTAlert_IsAtnoDxcc%, %JTAlert_IsAtnoState% & %JTAlert_IsAtnoProvince%, set to "Yes" or "No" depending on triggered state of the ATNO type.


- JTAlert installer: Now distributed as a single multi-architecture x64 & x86
       (64bit & 32bit) executable file.

    - Callsigns Window: dB font size increased. It now matches the font size of
       the Country name.

    - Worked B4: The "Ignore Gridsquare" option split into two frequency dependent
       options, HF and VHF. VHF is considered to be 6m, 4m & 2m only.

    - AK & HI log entries: When an Alaskan or Hawaiian QSO is encountered in the
       users Log file during the "Alert Database Rebuild" operation, The US State
       used for the rebuild will be automatically set to "AK" & "HI" respectively,
       ignoring any incorrect or missing State recorded in the Log.
       Note: This does NOT alter the users Log.

JTAlert 2.50.8 Download



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