Retevis RB86 20W Waterproof GMRS Mobile Radio

Waterproof high power GMRS mobile radio RB86, the perfect communication solution for Jeeps,UTVs, off-road and other vehicles.

With the nice housing, stability and reliable functions, the perfect communication for off-road, Jeeps,UTVs, and other open-cab vehicels

1, GMRS channels+ All band receive.

200 memory channels. With 30 GMRS channels, other channels can be programmed, but only receive.

2, IP67 waterproof Mobile Radio

RB86 is the ip67 waterproof GMRS band mobile radio, suitable for all the vehicels such as Jeeps, Farm tractor and so on.

3, High power GMRS band+11 NOAA weather Channels.

RB86 comes with the high power 20w, offer the long range distance. Preprogrammed with GMRS band and GMRS repeater capable. Easy to connect to other GMRS radios and GMRS repeater even on the trail.The NOAA weather function Always help you to get enough ready head of horrible weather.

4, Easy to read large display and suitable size gmrs mobile radios.

Colorful LCD display, easy to check the radio information.Suitable size, enought to mount in any vehicels.

5, Fully Integrated Control Microphone Speaker mic

Lots of functions can be controled by its microphone.Transmit or set other functions easily by its handheld speaker mic.

6, RB86 GMRS mobile radios Can be widely used in lots of application


Frequency :              GMRS

Channel :               200

Frequency stability:     ±1ppm

Operating temperature:-30℃~+60℃

Operating voltage        13.8V DC

Dimension           107×125x45mm


GMRS frequency

All band receive only

11 NOAA weather channel

Emergency alarming

5 programmable functional keys

IP67 waterproof function

DTMF decoding and encoding

Color LCD Display

2Tone/5Tone decoding and encoding

CTCSS/DCS encoding and decoding

Remote kill/stun and activate

1750Hz tone

 $ 137.99




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