Episode 381 – Kirk Kleinschmidt – NT0Z

Kirk Kleinshmidt, NT0Z, has spent most of his professional life working in amateur radio as an editor, author, and contributor to the amateur radio magazines that we have grown to love including QST, ARRL Handbook, Spectrum Monitor, and others.  His own book, Stealth Amateur Radio, continues to advise us how to get on the air and enjoy our hobby, even when our living situation is against it.  NT0Z is my QSO Today.

Stealth Amateur Radio, by Kirk Kleinschmidt, NT0Z
Catch a Falling Star, By Kirk Kleinschmidt

Hometown: Little Falls, MN
First License: Novice license, Age 15, 1977, WD0BDA
Advanced Class License Upgrade, 1978
Mentor: Dale Richie, WD0BAC 
Mentor: Dan Soderlund,  KB0EO – Hams ham

Current Rigs: 
Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver
Elecraft KX-3 QRP Transceiver
“Death Ray Antenna” – Hex Beam Antenna

ShortWave Listening
Public Auctions
Zenith Transoceanic Receiver
ARRL QST Magazine
Farnsworth Morse Training
Koch Morse Code Training
Sunspot Cycle 
J37 Straight Telegraph Key
Drake C Line Twins
Henry Tempo 1 HF Transceiver
Atlas 350 HF Transceiver
Drake 2C Receiver
Drake 2NT  Transmitter
Courage Kenny Handi-Hams
TCS-6 Military Surplus Transceiver
Dynamotor Power Supply
Tuna-tin 2  QST 
Collins KWM-2 Transceiver
“DJ” – Disk Jockey
ARRL Contest Branch
Mark Wilson, K1RO,  ARRL Book Team Editor
ARRL Book Team Editor
Popular Communications Magazine
Popular Electronics Magazine
Monitoring Times Magazine
Spectrum Monitor Magazine
Spectrum Monitor in February 2018 called, Did Joe Taylor K1JT Destroy Amateur Radio
FT-8 Digital Mode
PSK-31 Digital Mode
Propagation Hams – Hams who build stuff and get on the air only to test it. 
JS8Call Digital Mode
THROB Digital Mode
Worked All States QRP RTTY
Low Profile Amateur Radio, Jim Keirman, KR1S
Hex Beam Iced Cords
CQ Worked All Zones
9 Band Worked All States QRP

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: young people not entering the hobby, spectrum encroachment, aging population, antenna restrictions from Homeowners associations, perfect storm for amateur radio problems. The dumbing down of amateur radio to attract kids does not create long term commitment. 

Excited most by: building amateur radio equipment. 

Advice to new or returning hams: find a mentor to help you pursue your area of interest, watch a lot of YouTube videos.  Recognize that ham radio is much wider now than it was previously. 

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Henry Tempo One HF Transceiver
Atlas 350 HF Transceiver
Drake 2C General Coverage Receiver
Drake 2NT Novice Transmitter

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