SDR Cube Transceiver

SDR Cube Transceiver

Portable, standalone SDR transceiver for SSB, CW and AM using embedded digital signal processing
with a Softrock as the RF front end for QRP operation. Live bandscope, high-performance T-R switching,
multiple VFOs & memories, General Coverage Receive and bandswitching control are among the many advanced features.
Expansion port supports external RF decks and accessories. Optimized interface for NUE-PSK modem provides digital mode support.

The SDR Cube is a totally self-contained, embedded SDR transceiver for CW, SSB and AM using a Softrock for the RF front end and a pc board implementation of an HF modem.  PC is not needed for using the SDR Cube, as all DSP processing is accomplished by an embedded DSP processor on the three internal pc boards.

 The Cube is designed to fit into an optional 4” x 4” x 4.5” pre-cut,black powder-coated aluminum enclosure containing all controls, a blue graphic display indicating transceiver settings and an exciting 8 kHz-wide band scope of spectrum signals, and the popular Softrock RXTX v6.3 board.  The SDR Cube may also be used with any of the 11,000 other Softrocks in the field today! 

Sold as a kit or as a fully assembled & tested transceiver, both the product versions are in stock.  We presented on the SDR Cube at TAPR’s annual “Digital Communications Conference” in Portland, Oregon, and the DCC Proceedings containing our paper is available in our Documentation page.  Product details are presented here on this website, and active email discussion occurs in the SDR-Cube Group in Yahoo Groups


  •  Standalone SDR transceiver …  No PC required, portable, compact
  •  General Coverage Receiver, and user-replaceable Tx Band Modules …  Based on the I/Q RF front end
  •  Softrock-compatible … Designed to interface with SR v6.3 RXTX, etc.
  •  Low Power … 90ma (Cube), plus 100 ma (Softrock Rx) or 400 ma (Software Tx)
  •  RF Amp, Attenuator and AGC … Good control of incoming RF
  •  Quadrature Sampling Clocking options … DDS, Si570, or I2C to target Softrock
  •  Built-in Keyer … 1-100 wpm, Iambic A, B, or straight key
  •  Popular HF modes … SSB, CW, AM, Digital (with special interface to NUE-PSK for digital modes)
  •  Special interface to NUE-PSK Modem … Digital interface provides best quality
  •  Graphic LCD Display … Provides clear indications of the many status and options
  •  Bandscope … Provides +/- 4 kHz spectrum visibility for Rx, signal monitor for Tx
  •  Audio filtering … Low corner 200Hz, high corners 700, 1500, 2400 or 3600Hz
  •  Audio Output … Headphones or amplified speaker, binaural audio
  •  Beeper … User interface clicks, code practice oscillator, and more
  •  Frequency agile … Fast/Med/Slow tune, dual VFOs, memories, RIT/XIT
  •  Menus … Calibration, all settings, system gain, sidetone frequency, etc.
  •  Software Upgradeable … Bootloader enables user to load new software versions
  •  Open Source … Take the source code and add your own features

Tx Band Coverage
Choose TXPA modules for desired Tx band coverage.
The SDR Cube is able to transceive on 5 ham bands with the correct modules in place, as illustrated below.






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