HUSTLER 4-BTV [ 40-10m ]

 4 Bands

•  Coverage 40-10m

•  Bandwidth Full

•  SWR 1.15:1

•  Power 1kW

•  Traps 25.4mm formers

•  Tubing 31.75mm

•  Bracket size 44.45mm

•  Height 6.52m

•  Weight 6.8kg 

More Information

Exclusive trap design makes Hustler traps ultra stable and dependable. With Hustler verticals, you can not only adjust frequency by tubing length, you can actually tune the traps for up to 2MHz shift. LaMore Informationrge diameter tubing gives full bandwidth on 10m – 40m with VSWR typically better than 1.6:1 at band edges. On 80m you will achieve around 80kHz bandwidth. Absence of tapered tubing makes this antenna really rigid and the 0.315in base tube wall adds to the rigidity. Longer than comparable verticals, these antennas are really efficient. As Hustler says, these antennas offer solid signals, solid construction and solid value.

Installing your Hustler Vertical antenna.

All quarter wave vertical antennas need an earth system to work against. Imagine it as being the other half of a dipole. The popular way to mount a vertical antenna is at ground level. This is because a vertical antenna is often the best choice for a small garden. It is a popular myth that radials have to be a quarter wave long. In fact they can be any length. The more wire that you lay down the better. Again, the common method of installing radials is to slit a hole in the ground and bury them. The wire can be insulated or bare. If you really do have problems in even installing radials, then a couple of earth rods will work, albeit at reduced efficiency. And another tip os to make up a coax choke at the point at which the coax connects to the antenna. This can be easily done by winding around 10 – 15 turns of coax on a 4″ former, fastening with plastic wraps or tape and then removing the former so that the coil is air wound. 




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