Morse Code Day

History of Morse Code Day

April 27 is Morse Code Day, and it’s to honor its creator, Samuel Morse, who was born on April 27, 1791. The inventor played a part in developing the electric telegraph, and over it, Mr. Morse created the Morse code in 1987.

The code was first commercially used in 1844, and it was adapted to the era’s new radio communication systems. People could communicate instantly across long distances for the first time.The Morse code might be over a century old, but it’s still used in radio communications, navigation, and many other multiple areas; it’s even a way for people with mobility problems to communicate. To this day, the famous three dots, three dashes and three dots, meaning SOS, have saved countless lives in all scenarios. Learning a few words in Morse can be the difference between returning home to safety and not surviving dangerous situations.

Did You Know? 

SOS signals were often sent in morse code. While SOS had no specific translation, it was said to mean “save our souls” or “save our ship”.




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