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CW QSO Simulator for iPhone and Android

This app is a real CW QSO simulator for ham radio operators. Supports “599BK style QSO”.
In order to reproduce a realistic QSO environment, the generated call sign, signal level, CW speed, etc. will differ for each QSO.
Furthermore, the call sign and CW speed of your own station that issues CQ can be set arbitrarily.


  1. Reproduce the QSO of “5999BK style”
  2. Real-time signal meter according to signal level
  3. Status display indicating TX / RX
  4. When QSO with 10 stations is established, pop-up display

【Other features】

  1. CW speed adjustment function
  2. Function to select ON / OFF of QRN
  3. RIT function
  4. Ability to select call area (JA, W / W)
  5. Supports ESC button to escape from TX / RX for a long time
  6. AGN button requesting recall of the partner station
  7. Cursor button / BS button to correct the input call sign of the partner station
  • When entering (changing) the call sign of your own station, select the input area on the upper left and select
    Enter alphanumerical characters (including “/”) on the software keyboard.
    Lowercase letters are automatically converted to uppercase.
    Please do not enter kana or anything other than alphanumerical characters.

suggested by PT9KK




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