Antenna one to three STACK MATCH

Stack Match is designed to stack, match and power split to one,two or three antennas or to split driving power into more PAs for the multibeaming.
It will provide the user with all combinations of antenna selection.
Could be controlled independently for RX and TX – depends on controller.
Works with Mono-band antennas as well as Tri-band and Multi-band antennas!

Main functions:

  • Frequency range: 1,8 MHz to 30 MHz (could be made for 6m too).
  • Power rating MP < 3kW and HP < 5kW. Normal CW, SSB, RTTY operation. In contest mode: CW, SSB 75% and RTTY 50% of HF power
  • Three outputs from one input.
  • Also works with two outputs from one input. (third open)
  • All combinations are possible.
  • Antenna Stack or Multi Beaming.
  • Status LED indicators
  • Our own cores with low loss.
  • QRO64-61 for power up to 3kW.
  • QRO64-2D-61 for power up to 5kW. Cores link
  • Connectors PL-259, N or 7/16 female with gold plated and PTFE.
  • High quality ATC RF capacitors.
  • High quality PCB 2mm.
  • Power consumption < 3W.
  • Aluminium shield enclosure.
  • Aluminium mounting holder with bracket (pipe max 52mm). More info
  • Size 222 x 145 x 75 mm.
  • Weight 1.4 kg


  • Yagi antennas stacking (one tower)
  • Multi beaming – antennas to more directions (yagi, vertical, dipole…)
  • Power splitter: 1 PA to 1, 2 or 3 antennas
  • Driver power splitter: more PA

Price 279 euros


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