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To support amateur self-training in radiocommunications including improving amateur operating skills, conducting technical investigations, and intercommunicating with other amateurs around the world, especially IARU member society headquarters stations, using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

Dates: The second full weekend of July (July 9-10, 2022).

Contest Period: Begins 1200 UTC Saturday and runs through 1159 UTC Sunday. Both Single and Multioperator stations may operate the entire 24-hour period.

Contest rules are now maintained as a single downloadable document.

Click here for the complete IARU HF World Championship Rules (PDF)

For contest information contact or (860) 594-0232

WRTC History

Amateur radio is a unique passion of all ages, with the radio spectrum providing a playing field for technical innovation and global human communication in pursuit of giving 4 million amateur radio operators a chance to experience telecommunications as a way of life and a source of technological innovation, taking our wonderful world a step closer to better and more human communication – or just simply, connecting people.

The World Radiosport Team Championship – WRTC in short – represents a large gathering of the world’s best in radio traffic – as selected Regionally – coming from any country and all continents in the spirit of competition, using the same playing field and allowing pure skills to determine world champions in two-man team, 24-hour nonstop competition.


Team Leaders and Team Mates

 TL  TM Sponsored by
AF1 EA8 EA8RM Juan Jesus EA2W Jon
AF2 5T 5T5PA Johannes KF5EYY Ashraf
AF3 ZS ZR2A Ulrich DL9EE Holger
AS1 UA9 R8CT Oleg UA4FER Igor
AS2 UA9 RM9I Oleg RU9I Sergey
AS3 4X 4X6FR Zvi 4X1DX Seth
AS4 BY BA1RB Bin BA4TB Disong Bavarian Contest Club
AS5 VR VR2XAN Alberto IK2PFL Luca
AS6 HS E21EIC Champ E29TGW Mew
AS7 JA JA1BJI Taro JR2GRX Hajime
AS7 JA JH5GHM Katsuhiro WA1Z Bob
CA1 KP4 NP4Z Felipe N2NT Andrew
EU1 ES ES2RR Toivo ES5TV Tõnno
EU1 LY LY7Z Andrius LY9Y Jurgis
EU10 I IZ8JAI Domenico IZ8FWN Pietro
EU2 GD GD4XUM Martin G3NKC Dave
EU2 GU RL5D Oleg OR2F Lyubomir
EU3 DL DJ5MW Manfred DL1IAO Stefan
EU3 SP SP7GIQ Krzysztof SP7IVO Boguslaw
EU4 UA R2AA Evgenii RN3QO Sergey
EU4 UA RA3CO Dmitry RL3FT Yury
EU5 EA EC2DX Imanol CT1ILT Filipe
EU6 F F8DBF Sebastien F1AKK Olivier
EU7 9A 9A7DX VEDRAN 9A3LG Zvonimir
EU7 I IZ1LBG Filippo IK3QAR Paolo
EU7 S5 S53MM Matija S57K Sandi
EU8 UA UB7K Andy RW7K Andy
EU8 UR UR0MC Roman US2YW Vyacheslav
EU9 E7 E77DX Emir E70T Vlado
NA1 K K5ZD Randy W2SC Tom
NA1 K NN1C Martin KG5HVO Bryant N6XI Rick Tavan
NA10 K K3PA Drew N1UR Ed
NA2 VE VA2EW Gilles VA2WA Victor
NA3 K KD4D Mark KE3X Ken
NA3 K NN3W Richard N3QE Tim Tennessee Contest Group
NA4 K NE9U Scott K9CT Craig
NA4 K W9RE Mike N9NB Ted
NA5 K K4AB Larry K4BAI John
NA6 K K5GN Dave N4YDU Nate
NA7 K KU1CW Alex K2PO Bill
NA8 VE VE5MX Einar (Todd) VE3EJ John
NA9 K KI6RRN Axel N5ZO Marko Southern California Contest Club
OC1 9M6 9M6NA Saty K5WA Bob K5WA Bob Evans
OC2 KH6 KH6CJJ Kent AD6E Alan
OC3 ZL ZL3CW Jacky VK2IA Bernd Bavarian Contest Club
SA1 P4 W2GD John AA3B Bud Frankford Radio Club
SA2 PY PT7ZT Carlos Alberto PY1NX Soni
SA3 CE CE2LR Mathias CE3CT Roberto
SA4 PY PY2NY Vitor PC3T/PY2SEX Alexandre




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