PT-GP1 Multiband HF Vertical Portable Antenna

Here we take a look at and test the PT-GP1 HF Multiband Antenna. This can be used either portable, on hikes, sota, pota or even as a semi-permanent home installation with very little visual impace.

PT-GP1 portable short wave antenna can work in the frequency range of

7MHz ~ 54MHz.

It can be used in the frequency range of 7MHz ~ 54MHz by simply adjusting the length of the pull rod antenna.

The weight is only 1.8kg and the folding length is only 52cm, which is very easy to carry.

The unique matching design of sampling ensures that the standing wave is less than 1.5 and the radiation efficiency and reception gain are higher in the use frequency range. It is a better choice among broadband portable antennas.

US $90.03




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