Hexbeam 10 thru 40

Hexbeam for 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 and 40 (!) bands is on sale in Calgary.

This is the Barrett Hexbeam from RadioWavz including the broad band option, which covers from 10 thru 160m without an antenna tuner, since this is between the 20 and 40m wires it is quite good for 30m.

This is a great antenna if you cannot get high up due to its take-off angle.

The antenna has 3 antenna plugs – 10 thru 20, 40 and the broadband wire.

The diameter is of this antenna is 42ft.

It is surprisingly sturdy and very flexible. Due to symmetrical design it does get a low wind load, so it may even work with lighter towers and roof towers.

I have had this antenna for 3 years and still on the roof. You could check my QRZ page for photos.

I could help you to install it within the Calgary area (and beyond as reasonable).

Reason for selling: I am replacing this antenna with a smaller one, plus the wife wants to have a different look for the house.

I am willing to post it if it is of interest

The original details: https://www.radiowavz.com/product/barrett-hex-beam/77?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=false&category_id=3

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