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Episode 482 – Ram Muthukrishnan – VU2JXN

Ram Muthukrishnan, VU2JXN, while growing up in India, had a difficult time finding any information about amateur radio in the libraries and magazines.  It was not until Ram attended university that he met licensed amateur radio operators and could pursue the hobby.  CW is Ram’s favorite operating mode, especially after attending CW Academy.  He modified his SSB only BitX transceiver to operate CW and to use it for CW practice. As a software engineer by trade, Ram has a keen interest in software defined radio, SDR, homebrewing radios, and CW.  VU2JXN is my QSO Today.  ​


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VU2JXN Amateur Radio Blog
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Hometown: Kerala, India

Indian Language: Maylayalam
A Guide to Ham Radio
Electronics For You Magazine, India
Indian School System 10+2 – same to 10th Grade
Top 10 Diploma Degree Courses in India
Employee Quarters for Indian Public Companies
L Boat Shortwave Radio Design
455 Khz IF
Jetking Kits, India
Broadcast Radio Receiving License India
300 Ohm Twinlead
Los Angeles Olympics 1984
Doordarshan – “TV”
Sacred Heart College, India
Indian Institute of Technology Entrance Examination
ARRL Handbook 1984
2 Meter Autopatch
Simplex Autopatch
Indian Institute of Technology
Rajiv Gandhi VU2RG
India 4 Classes of Amateur Radio Licenses, then. Now simplified
K7QO Code Practice
Liberation Tigers of Tamal Eelam (LTTE) Sri Lanka
Amateur Radio Society of India
Sreekumar, VU2OB
WPC – Wireless Planning Committee India
RSS Feed
CW Academy
BitX Transceiver
Icom 706 HF Transceiver
PowerSDR Software 
Linux SDR
Debian Linux
GNU Radio Project
Hilbert Transform
Python Programming Language
Radioberry based PiHPSDR  
PA3GSB Radioberry
Hermes Lite SDR Radio
Godin VU2XTO controller
John  G0ORX software
Hardrock SDR 
G0ORX GitHub Site
N1MM Software
Norcal40 Transceiver
The Electronics of Radio, by David Rutledge 
QRP-L Mailing List
Dave Benson K1SWL Kits
Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE
Elecraft K1 Transceiver
N7DDC ATU100 knockoff
Schottky Diode
Feeltech Signal Generator
Carnatic Music
Hindustani Carnatic Music
Carnatic Classical Music
Lord Rama
Solder Smoke Podcast
Moxon Antenna 10 Meters
Indian Space Program attracts hams

Excited most by:
HF Digital modes, Steve Hicks on Software Defined Radio, signal processing and DSPs

Advice to new or returning hams: Get on the air as much as possible, especially on HF. Build more things.

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BitX 40 Wiring Diagram
VU2JXN Operating Position
Radioberry Based HF Transceiver
HPSDR Atlas HF Transceiver Chassis
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