Kenwood TS-440SAT and PS-30

This Kenwood 440 has had the PLL goop removed and the PLL and VCO’s aligned.  The front end has also been tweaked.  The stock 2.4Khz 8.83 Mhz SSB filter is installed as well as the 500Hz 8.83 Mhz CWN filter. See the pics.

It works great. 10/10 inside, not molested and VERY clean. 8/10 outside. The front escutcheon is 9/10 and all buttons work perfect with no de-bounce. Checked that.  Some dings and stuff as usual, but not snotty. Pretty nice really.

The PS-30 will come with it for the price. It has some pitting on the top of the cabinet. Not perfect but very good. Front looks great.

Good kit for a new ham.  100Watts, power supply and a tuner that will tune a Banana.. These are great radios.

I will ship if you will pay.

Don’t want the the PS-30 PSU.  Take $50 bucks off and I will sell it separately and provide the regular DC cord.




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