Elvis Style Microphone – needs some TLC

Hello…. this Elvis style microphone needs some TLC.  The writing on the small plate says cardioid Unidyne model 55C made by Shure Brothers.  From the front the microphone looks great, but at some point in its life it must have fallen on a hard surface and broke out part of the grill at the back.  See the pictures.  Similar mics in better shape are selling for hundreds of dollars.  You might want to refurbish the mic or use it as a prop in a display or a video.  Like I said, viewed from the front on both sides it looks ok so it would look pretty good as part of a display, music video, etc.  I already did a test to confirm that it will fit the extra small Canada Post flat rate box.  It would be nice to see it go to a good home…. kindest regards…. Ron VE4SR

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