Episode 319 – Bill Saylers – AJ8B

Bill Saylers, AJ8B, had a great ham radio start as a kid in the Seventies.  Bill loves to work CW to pursue DXCC and just to rag chew and communicate.  He hones his skills with the help of CWOPS and is open to the opportunities afforded by all of the new digital modes.  AJ8B is my QSO Today.

Father: Jerry Saylers, K8DWE  

First License: 1971 Novice, Age 11,  WN8TZN
Later KD8DF

Favorite mobile mode:  SSB

First Rig: 
“The Novice Special” Transmitter
Eico 720 Transmitter
Hallicrafters SX-111

Current Rig:
Yaesu FT-950 HF Transceiver
HF Vertical Antenna
OCF Dipole, 160 meter
Yaesu FT857D HF, VHF, UHF Transceiver

Favorite Mobile Operating Band: 17 meters

Clara Blankemeyer, WA8FLH, Catholic Nun 
Amateur Radio Missionary Nets

Frank Jaworski, K1FJ
John “Jay” Slough, K4ZLE
Joe Pater, W8GEX  60 meter Guru
Tom Inglin, NR8Z

QSL Manager
Globe King 500 Transmitter, 500 Watts
Clegg Receiver HF
Hallicrafters SX-111 Receivers
Little Print Shop, Texas
Hartley Oscillator
Pierce Oscillator
Colpitts Oscillator
National Traffic System
DXCC Award
University of Dayton, OH, Computer Engineering
Dayton Hamvention
Cincinnati Area Tent Tuners – need reference
QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
Pitney Bowes Company
Hewlett Packard, Systems Engineer
Yaesu FT950 HF Transceiver
TNC – Terminal Node Controller and packet radio
DX Spotting Network also known as DX clusters
Visual Basic Programming Language
South West Ohio DX Association Newsletter
ADA Programming Language DOD
Department of Defense, DOD
National Contest Journal – Raspberry Pi Recorder
Arduino Controller

Secret to driving and operating ham radio: Listen, Listen, Listen
80 meter DXCC
Jack Ritter, W0UCE, (SK) founder of CWOPS
Navy Morse Code Trainer 
CW Academy
Vibroplex Keyer
QSL Card Display Board

Favorite Test Equipment: Tektronix Scope, 465 

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: spectrum encroachment by other services, and we have to be open to new modes like FT8. 

Excited most by: New Joe Taylor, K1JT, modes; SDR.  Puts hams back into the leading edge. 

Advice to new or returning hams: Stay open minded.  Join a club. Be patient in an excited kind of way. Joe W8GEX, says, “be forward, reach out to other hams”. ​

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Eico 720 Novice Transmitter
Yaesu FT-950 HF Transceiver
Clegg 66 Six Meter Receiver
Yaesu FT-857D Mobile HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver

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