New WSJT candidate release features FST4

Candidate releases are intended for beta testers, WSJT-X 2.3.0-rc1 offers the new modes FST4 and FST4W designed for use on the LF and MF bands

WSJT-X  2.3.0 is  a program  upgrade offering  two new  modes designed especially for use  on the LF and  MF bands.  FST4 is  for 2-way QSOs, and FST4W is for WSPR-like transmissions.  

Both modes offer a range of options for T/R sequence  lengths and threshold decoding sensitivities extending well  into the -40 dB  range.  Early tests have  shown these modes frequently spanning intercontinental distances on the 2200 m and 630 m bands.  

Further details and  operating hints can be found in the
“Quick-Start Guide to FST4 and FST4W”, posted on the WSJT web site:

You can download WSJT from





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