Moscow Aviation Institute plans SSTV event from ISS

Rodolfo Parisio, IW2BSF, reports that a Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) transmission event from the International Space Station is currently scheduled to begin on Tuesday, Dec. 1 starting at 12:30 UTC, ending at
18:25 UTC, and again on Wednesday, Dec. 2 starting at 11:50 UTC and ending at 18:25 UTC.

Listen for SSTV signals to be downlinked at 145.800 MHz +/- Doppler shift. The mode of transmission is expected to be PD 120. These times will allow for one pass over the Eastern USA near the end of the scheduled times.

Received images of reasonable quality can be posted at the ARISS SSTV Gallery at

Future updates on this event will be posted @ARISS_status on Twitter.

Rodolfo Parisio, IW2BSF





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