Episode 331 – Michelle Thompson – W5NYV

Michelle Thompson, W5NYV, is a third generation amateur, beginning her ham radio journey in elementary school.  Her interest in microwave circuit design and computers led her to a successful engineering career and now she is board member of AMSAT.  Michelle is an advocate for open source applied to satellite design, fueling future generations of amateur spacecraft. W5NYV is my QSO Today.

First License: Age 10, KC5KYO, Technician
Hometown: LittleRock, AK

Elan Musk
Ben Hilburn, KJ4DDR
Bruce Perens, K6BP, Episode 15 of the QSO Today Podcast

Icom IC-756 Pro 1
Alinco DJ-180T
FlexRadio Flex-6700

Code Practice Oscillator
Scholastic Book Club
Commodore VIC 20 Computer
Southern California Amateur Radio Contest Club
University of Arkansas, Little Rock, BSEE and Computer Science
Qualcomm, Ltd.
Masters Information Theory, USC
AllTell Wireless
Globalstar Corporation
Smithville, MS 
Starlink, by SpaceX
BPL – Broadband Power Line Carrier
POTS – Plain Old Telephone Systems
FlexRadio SmartLink
SSTV – Slow Scan TV
Palomar Amateur Radio Club
San Diego Microwave Group
San Bernardino Microwave Society
DataProbe iBoot
Open Research Institute
Open Source 
MUA Transponder
University Built Communications Satellite Times
Libre Space Foundation
OneWeb Satellite
Debris Mitigation in Space
Satellite Attitude Control
Open Source Propulsion
ES’Hail Satellite QO-100 – First amateur radio geosynchronous
6U Satellite Size
AMSAT – North America
LEO Satellite
EchoStar Satellite
Satellite Reconfiguration in Orbit
Commodity Jurisdiction Request for Satellites
ITAR Projects
Air-gap Computer
CERN Open Hardware License
FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array
Raspberry Pi Computer
GNU Radio 
Don Hilliard Award, 2018
Algorithmic Music Composition – attempt to compose music with artificial intelligence
Markov Chain
DNA – Genetic Search
Information Theory
32 Bar Pop Song Form
Cognitive Radio
Transmitter Hunting

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: lack of accessibility of SDR Software keeping in pace with the hardware, and the time to spend on the problem. 

Advice to new or returning hams: Go get an inexpensive SDR like the RTL SDR, explore GNU Radio to see how many radios you can make. 

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Alinco DJ-180T VHF Transceiver
Icom IC-756 Pro II HF Transceiver
FlexRadio Flex-6700 HF SDR Transceiver
Fox 1 – Cube Sat

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