Episode 333 – Joe Reisert – W1JR

Joe Reisert, W1JR, continues to pay forward, the kindness of his early ham radio mentors, with his contributions to our amazing hobby. Amateur Radio paved the way to a successful career and amazing encounters, Worldwide,  with people and technology.  W1JR tells his amateur radio story in this QSO Today.

Joe’s QCWA Biography

First License: Oct 1951 novice WN2HQL

John Hall W1JSV
1952, Jan General Class upgrade

Favorite operating mode:

Current Rig: 
Ten-Tec Omni 2 HF Transceiver
Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver

Carl E. Smith, Theory and Design of Directional Antennas, 1949.
George Jacobs, W3ASK
Byron Kretzman W2JTP
John Hall, W1JSP
Charlie Mellon, W2RDK
Ray Hoare, VK9RH, Norfolk Island
Harry Daniels W2TUK, Former ARRL President
Bob White, W1WPO, W1CW
Doc Merideth, W5PQA
Bill Or, W6SAI  author of  Antenna Books
Lance Ginner, K6GSJ
George Elliot, VE2LI
Rick Hilding, K6VVA
Bob Southerland, W6UOV, W6PO 
Jim Fisk, W1HR
Walt Maxwell, W2DU
Jim Reisert, N1UHA, Son of Joe 
Joe Taylor, K1JT

Crystal Radio Set
Boy Scouts of America
Boy Scout First Class Rank Signaling Morse Code
Voice of America
VOA Transmitter, Munich, Germany
6SN7 Regenerative Receiver, 80 Meters
6AG7 and 6L6 Novice Transmitter
Pi Network Transmitter Coupling
CQ Magazine
Hallicrafters S-38A Receiver
QCWA Biography
5R4 Rectifier Tube
16 RPM Record made of Aluminum
Transverter 20 meters to 40 meters
100 Khz Oscillator
Radio Row, NYC
Long Island Technology Institute
US Navy Reserve
US Navy Boot Camp
Hurricane Carole
Naval Security Group
1st CLass RadioTelephone License
Amateur Extra Class License
Sperry Rand Corporation
Polio Epidemic 1950s
B1 Bomber
International Business Machines (IBM)
Analog to Digital Converter
ARRL Headquarters
DXCC Honor Roll
Oscar 1 Satellite
Oscar 7 Satellite
Low Noise Preamp
Moon Bounce – EME
128 Element Collinear Antenna
“128 Area” Boston
T M O moon bounce CW codes
Faraday Rotation
Doppler Frequency Shift
Northeast VHF Conference
FT-8 Digital Mode
Tri-Band Quad Antenna
National Bureau of Standards
Yagi Antennas
Collinear Array Antennas
Cushcraft VHF Antennas
Mitre Corporation Antennas
Daily DX Newsletter
20 Meter ⅜ Wave Vertical Antenna
Gama Rod Feedpoint
2.6” 61 Torroid
Ferrite clip-on Cores
2.4” Ferrite Cores  
A Ham’s guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio
Reisert Method of winding a common mode current choke?
QSL Card
QRP Operation 
Lockheed Corporation
DL6WU Antennas
Arecibo Radio Telescope
Youth On The Air
First Class Operators Club

Excited most by: EME, smaller efficient antennas, and antenna modeling.

Advice to new or returning hams: take refresher courses and start on something simple on HF. 

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Hallicrafters S-38 General Coverage Receiver
Ten-Tec Omni II HF Transceiver
Elecraft K3 HT Transceiver
Reisert Crosswound Balun

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