QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo to Include Speaker Track on Amateur Radio Satellites

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on March 13 – 14 will devote a speaker track to AMSAT and the world of amateur radio satellites.

The Expo is in “full planning mode” and promises “many exciting new things” for the upcoming event, which will include a world-class lineup of more than 60 speakers and workshops for beginners to experts. Presenters at nine AMSAT sessions will discuss the broad spectrum of ham radio satellites, including:

  • Introduction to Amateur Radio Satellites (Douglas Quagliana, KA2UPW)
  • Getting on the Air with Satellites (Clint Bradford, K6LCS)
  • How to Enjoy Amateur Radio Contacts with the International Space Station (Frank Bauer, KA3HDO)
  • Implementation of LDPC Encoder on FPGA (Anshul Makkar)
  • Debris Mitigation in Earth’s Orbit (Anshul Makkar)
  • Digital Multiplexing Transponder from the Open Research Institute (Michelle Thompson, W5NYV)
  • Solving the ITAR and EAR Problem for the Amateur Radio Satellite Service (Michelle Thompson, W5NYV)
  • Remote Labs for P4XT Engineering Development (Paul Williamson, KB5MU)

Thompson, an AMSAT Board Member, said working satellites is one of the most rewarding privileges of holding an amateur radio license.

“There has never been a better time to be involved in amateur radio satellites, since some long-standing regulatory burdens have been lifted and advanced technology has never been more affordable and accessible,” Thompson remarked. “We have opportunities now that were not available as of even a few years ago. AMSAT is fortunate to contribute to the Expo by showcasing the truly amazing work going on around the world in the amateur satellite scene. And the Expo is an ideal partner to show it off to the wider ham audience.”

AMSAT will have a booth at the Expo, where attendees can talk to experts, enthusiasts, operators, and technicians and obtain contact and membership information for the 30 AMSAT societies around the world.

Early Bird tickets are $10 (to help cover the cost of this event) and $12.50 “at the door.” That includes entry for the live, 2-day event as well as access during the 30-day on-demand period following the event. Register on the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website.

ARRL is a QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo partner. 




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