Finger Morse CW Straight Key / Finger mounted PTT switch

The Finger Morse CW Straight Key is a very simple product that allows you to easily continue operating your Morse Code QRP Ham Radio while walking around.

Also doubles as a handy finger mounted remote PTT switch!

It’s a nice inexpensive backup straight key incase you forget your main straight key/paddle, or if your main key/paddle fails while you are in the backcountry.

Go QRP pedestrian portable with CW!

It’s a great option for staying on the air while hiking to/from your next SOTA or POTA activation location.

Weighs in at less then 1 ounce!

To get started, simply set up your battery powered QRP rig in the upper section of your backpack with an inexpensive telescoping single band HF whip antenna like the ones made by MFJ ( )

Now, plug your Finger Morse CW Straight Key into your QRP rigs 3.5mm “key” jack. Then, route the 4 foot cable out of your backpack, down your arm, and attach it to your index finger or thumb to then be keyed by the opposing digit. Also, connect and route your headphones out of your backpack. Try different finger mount configurations to find which position works best for you.

No more being stuck sitting down at a park bench while operating, Go for a walk and get some exercise while staying on the air!

Mono adapter now comes standard with every Finger Morse for added compatibility with some radios that require mono plug connector to detect straight key.

Radios in photos not included.

Photos courtesy of Angela Hannibal at photography.

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