The RSGB is delighted to launch a new Award

Friendship on the Air Award

The Friendship on the Air Award is designed to celebrate the friendship of amateur radio over the airwaves. The main purpose is to contact other people in a friendly and non-competitive way, connecting with them rather than simply making a quick QSO and moving on.

This new award is an ongoing monthly and annual activity for both individuals and clubs which we hope will continue to support the radio amateur community as the pandemic restrictions lift gradually over the coming months.

How do I gain the award?

You will score points for each QSO where you each exchange the four-letter identifier of your club. If you’re not a club member but are a member of the RSGB, you can use the RSGB identifier “RSGB”.

Your scores will accumulate each month until the end of that calendar year.

There will be monthly/annual awards for every individual with more than 25/220 points, the club with the highest number of points and the highest-scoring club in each region. The points system is simply an encouragement to get on the air, represent your club and have a chat with radio amateurs across the airwaves.

What modes can I use?

Modes are limited to: CW and Phone, including digital voice, DMR, IRLP and EchoLink modes. At present Network Radio and data modes are not included.

Whichever mode you choose must be capable of exchanging the four-letter club identifier.

How do I take part?

  • Take a look at the award guidance (3-page/199KB PDF) and find out how to upload your logs
  • Represent your club by activating the club call signs as much as possible
  • Get on the air and start contacting radio amateurs!

Get on the air to care

This award is part of the RSGB and NHS ‘Get on the air to care’ campaign which was created at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Its aim has been to support radio amateurs living in social isolation, promote mental wellbeing and raise the profile of amateur radio in the mainstream media to help people looking for something to do during lockdown.



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