The Malahit DSP portable SDR receive

A nifty little portable SDR receiver. I still have lots to explore with it, but here’s an overview.

  • 【Frequency Range】50 kHz~2.0GHz (Registered version 1.10a);【Demodulation Mode】AM, LSB, NFM, WFM; (CW, MIN SNR);PS: With Cooling Hole.
  • 【Sensitivity】Under the condition of up to 250MHz, s/w is 0.3μV = 10dB.【Large Screen】3.5 inch capacitive touch screen.
  • 【Blocking Range】Due to the characteristics of msi001 chip used, dynamic blocking range is about 85dB.
  • 【Material】Aluminum Alloy shell with Cooling Hole, Better RF performance.
  • 【Package List】1 x SDR Receiver Host (with Aluminum Alloy Shell);1 x Type C Charging Cable;1x Antenna.

3.5 inch capacitive screen
2-layer board structure, higher performance
Adopt a sound unit, 2 vibrating chambers, the speaker comes
with a sound chamber, the bass sound quality is very full

DSP SDR Receiver for Malahit
Capacitive touch screen
Stlink V2 System
Default frequency range: 50KHz-2.0GHz
Demodulation mode: AM, LSB, NFM, WFM,(CW, MIN SNR)

Product Parameters:
The radio is built on the principle of SDR-the function is determined by loaded software;
Frequency Range: from 50 KHz to 2.0GHz (Registered version)
All types of analog modulation: AM, LSB, NFM, WFM; (CW, MIN SNR)
Powerful functions: variable filter width, adaptive noise suppressor, threshold noise suppressor, for Noise Blanker, AGC, equalizer;
Fully functional chip msi001;
The powerful stm32H 743VIT6 with a clock frequency of 480 MHz is applied;
3.5-inch display touch screen;
Controls: 2pcs; encoders with buttons and touch screen;
It is powered by an external TYPE-C interface or battery (Built-in battery 3.7V 3800mAh ), which can be charged by TYPE-C.
Consumption: 300mA when listening to headphones;
The reception on built-in telescope or external antenna is to improve the HF reception on telescope antenna, and an additional board with source follower has been developed. The board will be built into standard receiver design.
Connect to computer via USB, which can transfer CAT, IQ and audio.
160 kHz span, with scalability;
Sensitivity: Under the condition of up to 250MHz, s/w is 0.3μV = 10dB; 15. Due to the characteristics of msi001 chip used, dynamic blocking range is about 85dB.
With backlight control;
SMA female antenna socket





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