There are sellers of fake RSPs on the internet. They are selling counterfeit devices some of which appear cosmetically the same as the genuine SDRplay®  devices.  There is a high likelihood that these devices will not work – according to unsuspecting buyers* who have contacted us.

These counterfeit devices attempt to make use of:

  • Stolen IP
  • Stolen software product (SDRplay proprietary API and driver software)

In addition, the counterfeiters have no access to our rigorous production test solution and so these devices are probably untested

                    * Here’s what one AliExpress customer posted:

Above: What one AliExpress customer experienced

People have bought fake devices in the belief that they are getting a genuine SDRplay product. They find they don’t work and then contact our HELP desk and we discover they have a counterfeit device and we are unable to help them.

The rogue sellers often use genuine pictures and descriptions copied from genuine reseller sites or from SDRplay.com

Simple rules:

Make sure the seller is who they say they are.

Make sure  the seller is someone you personally know and trust, OR is a reseller listed on: https://www.sdrplay.com/distributors/

If it says “from China” avoid – there are no genuine international resellers from China that we know of,  apart from MyHamPlace who sell within China.

Avoid BangGood and AliExpress totally

Avoid Walmart – they too, are ONLY selling fake devices!

With Amazon, double check the vendor is listed on our trusted reseller list

With eBay be very very careful – there are more fakes than real – check contact details and be sure the vendor is listed on our trusted reseller list





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