HRWB130 – Directional Antennas

This week we take a look at directional antennas.

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PackTenna TrekMount portable VHF antenna

Lab599 TX-500:

Portable: mcHF

Transverter va3mw was talking about

Flex radio WaveForms

UHSDR on Github

Home: Flex 6400

Attended FDIM, won a SoftRock RXTX Ensemble! Not sure what to do with it… 😀

Morse tutor

Virtual ham band on the internet, V Band

MG Chemicals conductive paints

RS-485 magnetometer

20v Dewalt tool family

Antenna Theory Directivity

The National Film Board of Canada for the Canadian Air Forces – Great explanation of Directivity.

Antenna Fundamentals Bandwidth. Military Training film.

Urban Beam:,of%20the%20HelpDesk%20home%20page

What ever happened to the quad?  Used to be popular

Smitty’s Comet H-422


Mark’s setup:


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