Spain’s URE makes amateur radio magazine archive available

Spain’s URE makes amateur radio magazine archive available
Spain’s national amateur radio society URE has digitized their old magazines from 1949 to 2020 and made the PDF’s available for everyone to download from their website

The magazines for each year are combined into a single PDF file, the 1949 PDF contains the 5 issues from August of that year while later years contain 11 issues.

A translation of the URE post says:

At the last meeting of the Board of Directors we have formally taken note of the completion of a work that a priori may seem inconsequential: all the copies of our magazine have been digitized. We would therefore like to place on record the real importance of this gesture.

Having adopted the agreement of its publication, the Association shows once again its generosity and willingness to contribute to the collective of the world radio amateur. Its partners, represented by the Board of Directors, are the only ones who have the legitimacy and the right to dispose of their documentary heritage and to decide how it is managed. The documentary collection of URE is perfectly guarded and safe for future generations of amateur radio, making it clear that no one has our history because no one has 72 years of existence. On our website they were already available to all the last 44, the period from 1977 to 2021. These publications are now completed with the remaining 28, from 1949 to 1976.

When we came to the URE directive, this task was marked as one of the objectives to be achieved; as a result of this impulse and especially of the effort of several colleagues of our staff, the most numerous publication saw the light in August 2019 and this was reported at the time

That announcement already set the next milestone that today, almost two years later, culminates this hard work. It goes without saying that it is precisely the oldest journals that have been the most laborious because they are bound and it is essential to preserve their integrity. Here we must also thank the partners who have collaborated with a loose copy, which has facilitated the work.

Digitization will give our history greater visibility and, above all, will allow the universalization of this information. So enjoy reading our publications and their content. It is a satisfaction for us to see the interest they arouse and to be able to offer them now to all radio amateurs. However, we want to record that this decision does not imply the waiver of the rights held by the URE over its publications, in terms of intellectual property, copying, reproduction, etc.

And we do not stop here, we are currently immersed in the task of carrying out an indexing and search system for articles that will undoubtedly be a valuable tool, but that… is another story.

PDF’s are available in the Download Area of the URE website

Source URE


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