Geocron Atlas 4K

A brief overview of the GeoChron Atlas 4K

A Worldview in 4K with Satellites, Weather, and Commercial Aviation

The Geochron Digital Atlas 4K gives viewers beautiful displays of the Earth with the sunrise-sunset rendered in real-time through a small computer that plugs directly in to your TV via HDMI.  The size of your display is only limited by the size of your TV, as you take in the terrestrial movement of the Earth’s orbit in sync with the Sun.

The Geochron Digital Atlas 4K as displays a full-featured Geochron World Clock on any 4K TV, with every mapset and lighting option available in our famous mechanical clock but at a fraction of the cost.  Now in the digital format, users can customize markers on the map, and receive (with internet) real time updates. The hardware is a sturdy, fanless mini computer specifically designed for commercial digital displays found in restaurants and airports.

  1. Global Satellite Weather overlays, including*
    • Precipitation
    • Wind Speed
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Cloud Cover
  2. Commercial Aviation. Watch up to 500 flights in real time categorized by Airline, or continent of origin (Asia, N.America, S. America, Europe, and Africa), or rotate between them all.*
  3. COVID-19. See a country-by-country graphic of COVID cases and deaths, updated daily through the Johns Hopkins world database.*
  4. Greyscale options for all mapsets for better Live Layer visibility.
  5. Lifetime updates for five mapsets.
    • Geopolitical with Human Points of Interest
    • Geopolitical with Oceanic Points of Interest
    • Topographical “A view from space.”
    • Ham / Amateur Radio mapset
    • Low Resolution (1080) Geopolitical mapset.
  1. Live location of the International Space Station and over 300 satellites, updated every second.*
  2. High Speed demonstration mode. One year in 15 seconds!
  3. Layer Demonstration mode.  Automatically cycle through layers at selected time intervals, so your display never looks the same.
  4. 50 Locations Pins with custom text names and local time that you can place anywhere on the map.
  5. Static Overlays, showing:
    • Earth at Night
    • Major shipping routes
    • Major flight routes
    • Carbon Monoxide Pollution
    • Human Population
    • Undersea Data Cabling
  6. Digital Time Accuracy to within 500 milliseconds*, and on-the-fly time adjustments to local time zones.  Simultaneous UTC with Local time readout.
  7. Automatic Night Dimming by your location.*
  8. An extensive Help menu with embedded video tutorials explaining every feature of the Geochron Digital Version 2.




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