Wolf River Coils High Power Silver Bullet Platinum [ Interview ]

Interview with Gary from WRC about the new High Power Platinum antenna.

The Silver Bullet 1000 TIA is a small portable antenna system designed to work on the 10 to 80
meter amateur radio bands.

The kit is compact and easily fits in your carry-on luggage so you
can take your antenna system and deploy it in a hotel environment or backpacking or
anywhere you want to operate portably.

The system contains 1 Silver Bullet 1000 antenna
coil, 3 32 foot ground radial, 1 telescoping whip and 1 mini tripod mount.
Assemble the legs of your tripod to the round center piece.

Check that the PL259 mount is
tight then add your coax, and the ground radial. A blade connector tab has been added to the
mount so the radial can be easily connected. As with any vertical antenna the more radials the
better, add the radials to the legs and snug the nut.

The radials are between the center base
and the nut on the leg. Last add the Silver Bullet 1000 coil and the telescoping whip and
you’re ready to go.

Tuning the SB1000 coil to the band you want to use will be different for every user. This is due
to amount of radials, length of radials, soil, coax length etc.

A good start is to fully extend the whip, move collar so the top of the collar is even with the first coil wire wrap. Using the radio’s SWR meter or if you have an antenna analyzer, this should be close to 20 meters.

Move the collar up or down to change frequency and twist the collar for fine tuning. Please
visit our website www.wolfrivercoilsllc.com and look for tuning the Silver Bullet 1000 video.
To operate 10 meters you will need to collapse the whip to about 80 inches. Six meter
operation is possible by collapsing the whip to about 40 inches, then retuning the coil for
minimum SWR.

Power Ratings: 200 Watts SSB, 100 Watts CW and 25 Watts Digital.




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