Release the KrakenSDR!

KrakenSDR is now available for crowdfunding on Crowd Supply. Thank you to all interested parties for your patience while we navigated recent pandemic-related delays.

KrakenSDR is a five-channel, RX-only software-defined radio (SDR) based on the RTL-SDR and designed for phase-coherent applications and experiments. Phase-coherent SDR opens the door to some very interesting applications, including radio direction finding, passive radar, and beam forming. You can also use KrakenSDR as five separate radios.

KrakenSDR is an upgraded version of our previous product, KerberosSDR. It provides a fifth receive channel, automatic phase-coherence synchronization capabilities, bias tees, a new RF design with cleaner spectrum, USB Type-C connectors, a heavy-duty enclosure, upgraded open source DAQ and DSP software, and an upgraded Android app for direction finding. We are constantly working on new software and sample applications, so keep an eye out for future updates!

KrakenSDR is a Software-Defined, Coherently Operated, Five-RX-Channel Radio Based on RTL-SDR

A coherent radio allows for very interesting applications, such as radio direction finding, passive radar, and beamforming. Some use cases include:

  • Physically locating an unknown transmitter of interest (e.g. illegal or interfering broadcasts, noise transmissions, or just as a curiosity)
  • HAM radio experiments such as radio fox hunts or monitoring repeater abuse
  • Tracking assets, wildlife, or domestic animals outside of network coverage through the use of low power beacons
  • Locating emergency beacons for search-and-rescue teams
  • Locating lost ships via VHF radio
  • Passive radar detection of aircraft, boats, and drones
  • Traffic-density monitoring via passive radar
  • Beamforming
  • Interferometry for radio astronomy




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