Phasing Antennas for Directionality

Jared, N0SPC, is the only ham in his country, and he has a question regarding phasing. He wants to know if he can use a phased array of mobile whips to get directivity? Yes and here is how…




Yaesu SP-9000 Speakers

Yaesu SP-9000 Speakers

Speaker Type:Base station   Speaker Impedance:8 ohms   RF Shielding:Yes   Speaker Audio Filters:Yes   Subwoofer Included:No   Volume Control:No   Tone… Read more

Geocron Atlas 4K

Geocron Atlas 4K

A brief overview of the GeoChron Atlas 4K A Worldview in 4K with Satellites, Weather, and Commercial Aviation The Geochron Digital Atlas 4K gives view… Read more

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