Our Sun is About to Get Busy

“This week our Sun is getting primed for some real activity! Although space weather has been quiet this week, multiple new regions are rotating into Earth-view (at least four) and several of them are solar storm producers. We also have one region that has the potential to become a real M-flare player. GPS users should be enjoying good reception right now, but that could change later in this week and into the next. Solar flux is also increasing rapidly, moving up through the high 70s last week into the high 80s, and possibly ramping up into the high 90s by mid-week. We could even see triple digits again by the end of the week! This means we are moving into the good range for radio propagation on Earth’s dayside. Likely these conditions will last over the next two weeks! As for aurora possibilities, we will need to wait for a few more days before any of these regions rotate into the Earth-strike zone, so aurora photographers will have only a small pocket of fast solar wind to give a slim chance of aurora views right around mid-week, but those chances are pretty much reserved for high-latitude chasers. Learn details of the new active regions rotating into Earth view and how they might affect you, catch up on aurora pics from the recent G2-level solar storm, and see what else our Sun has in store!”



Noise on your Radio!

Noise on your Radio!

This is part 1 of 2 of a presentation I made to the Rochester Amateur Radio Association (RaRa) on 3 June 2020 on the subject of noise (QRN) and what c… Read more


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