CAIG DeoxIT Contact Cleaners

CAIG DeoxIT Contact Cleaners

CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT contact cleaners improve the performance and reliability of ALL electronic equipment and parts! DeoxIT cleans contacts, relays, connectors, potentiometers, rheostats, faders, communications jacks and much more. Using DeoxIT can extend service life of all electrical and electronic contacts, controls and relays.

DeoxIT is a great product because:

* It works when others do not
* It improves performance and reliability
* Used properly, it creates no waste and is safer for the environment
* It saves you money. It can prevent return service calls for the same problems
* It is used by those who demand the best

Which DeoxIT product should you use?

* Use the DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaners on surfaces that have been in service or have visual signs of oxidation. Contains 20 percent active cleaner
* Use the DeoxIT Gold G-Series conditioner on new surfaces and gold plated surfaces. It’s ideal for preventing dendrite/fretting corrosion. It protects both surface and base metals. Contains 1 percent active cleaner
* Use the DeoxIT Shield S-Series to protect surfaces from severe environments (humidity, salts, pollutants, sulfur, etc.).

How should you apply DeoxIT Contact Cleaners?

* Use the applicator that provides the most convenience, compatibility, and economy. There are several methods to choose from!

Uses in the HOME:

* Light bulb contacts (brighter/less energy), including CFL and LED
* Batteries and rechargers
* Emergency lights
* Audio/video connections
* Computer/automation connections
* Cable and telephone connections
* Switches, plugs, and sockets
* Pool equipment connections
* Low voltage lighting connections (LED)

Use with rechargeable devices:

* Battery contacts in cordless phones, cell phones, PDAs, cameras, vacuums, etc.

Uses in the OFFICE:

* Computer connections: external and internal
* Communication connections: cable, telephone, faxes, modems
* Office equipment connections
* Automation equipment

Uses in the SHOP:

* Power tool connections
* Rechargeable devices: drills, lights, screwdrivers, etc.
* All electronic connections


* Connections in ALL Industries: auto/radio, automotive, avionics, computers, communications, electronic, marine, medical, photography, security, video, and more!





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