Working with the Xiegu X6100 [ Videos ]

Xiegu X6100

2e0bvj working special event station TM60ANT in France on 20 metres with the Xiegu X6100. 10 watts into my home brew fishing pole vertical mounted around 10 feet above ground level..

Listening to a short QSO on 40 metres with the new Xiegu X6100. Be aware this is a pre-production version and not all features are available in these rigs..

A rather longer video here, i was trying to work RZ3DW near Moscow in Russia. Patience finally paid off after waiting so long.. FFWD to around 7 minutes if you want to see the the actual QSO.. Thank you for watching and 73 for now from 2e0bvj


1. Analog – SDR Radio
Software-defined radio (SDR) system uses software for the modulation and demodulation of radio signals. Processing via a computer or other digital devices with software, the X6100 can provide you more info in real-time, complete complex operations and process data faster.

2. 5W Upgrade to 10W High Power
From 5W to max 10W, the Xiegu X6100 is a more powerful RIG than the X5105. In general, a higher wattage allows for greater range. Working with the XPA125B power amplifier, the X6100 can meet your long-rang talking requirement.

– SDR Structure
– HF/50MHz Full Mode (supporting data communication)
– Transmitting Power: External power supply: 10W | Battery power supply: 5W
– 4″ (3.46 x 2.13in) High-resolution Color Screen, 800*480
– Built-in 3000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
– Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
– Integrated SWR Scanner & Voice Call
– Integrated Modem, Preset message, CW Automatic Call
– Built-in Bluetooth/Wifi function, enable wireless audio/keyboard/mouse operation
– Integrated USB control/transmission, supports USB HOST
– Built-in high-stability TCXO internal clock source

General Specifications

Frequency Receiving: 0.5MHz~30MHz | 50MHz~54MHz
Frequency Transmitting:

1.8~2.0MHz | 3.5~4.0MHz | 5.3MHz (60 Meters)
7.0~7.3MHz | 10.1~10.15MHz
14.0~14.35MHz | 18.068~18.168MHz
21.0~21.45MHz | 24.89~24.99MHz
28.0~29.7MHz | 50.00~53.99MHz
Operation Mode: USB/LSB (J3E), CW (A1A), FM (F3E), RTTY(F1B), AM (A3E)
Minimum Frequency step: 10Hz
Frequency Stability: ±1.5ppm
External Power Supply Voltage: DC 9.0V~15.0V, negative ground
Frequency Stability: ±1ppm (20 minutes after start)
Antenna Port Impedance: 50Ω
Antenna Interface Type: BNC
Working Temperature: 0℃~+55℃
Transmission power: External power supply: 10W | Battery power supply: 5W
Current consumption: Standby: 330mA (Max) | Transmit: 3A (Max)
Overall dimensions: About 180*86*49mm

Band/Mode SSB/CW FM AM
0.5~1.79999MHz / / 10uV
1.8~1.99999MHz 0.35uV / 10uV
2.0~27.9999MHz 0.20uV / 2uV
28.0~30.0MHz 0.20uV 0.22uV 2uV
50.0 ~ 54.0MHz 0.20uV 0.22uV 2uV

 Antenna Tuner
VSWR: 1:5.0
Antenna tuner initial tuning time: ≤15s
Antenna tuner tuning read time: ≤0.2s

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