Introducing the ICOM SHF Project (Super High-Frequency Band Challenge)

Icom Incorporated (Headquarters: Hirano-ku, Osaka, President: Hiroshi Nakaoka) has been doing technical research on a new project to create a product from scratch by utilizing our wireless communication technology knowhow cultivated over more than half a century.

Under the theme of “ICOM SHF Project—Super High Frequency Band Challenge —”, we started to develop a new amateur radio available for use in the 2.4 GHz and 5.6 GHz bands.

Icom engineers are working hard to research and develop a number of never cleared challenges within the SHF band, such as large cable loss and higher frequency stability requirements. The ultimate goal is to bring it to the market as a new radio product.

Icom is striving to bring to you a new era in fun and possibilities of an SHF band amateur radio, which to date has had high technical and equipment hurdles to overcome, and we hope to make these bands more attractive and active so that anyone can easily operate on them. We are developing an epoch-making SHF band amateur radio that no one has never imagined before.

Please watch with intrigue as we continue with our new challenges, such as what kind of ideas and technologies will be implemented, and what kind of functions and designs will be used.





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