ICOM D-STAR Third Generation Repeaters ID-RP4010V

ICOM D-STAR Third Generation Repeaters support analog, D-STAR and a mixed mode configuration. While analog operation is for local communications, combine the D-STAR mode with the ID-RP3 G3 software to join the D-STAR Global network. In addition to mixed mode functionality, the G3 hardware combines the D-STAR repeater controller and RF module into one 2U rack mount unit.

Model, Output Power, Frequencies, Modes:
ID-RP2010V, 25W, 144-148 MHz, DV/FM;
ID-RP4010V, 25W, 440-450 MHz, DV/FM;
ID-RP1200VD, 10W, 1240-1300 MHz, DV/DD*/FM

An integrated controller is built onto the repeater to function with the RF module unit. Additionally, each repeater can act independently to relay receive signals. Connect the repeaters with the supplied Ethernet cable for cross-band operation. The repeater’s RF module in the repeater can operate as a single band D-STAR/FM repeater; the ID-RP2C is not required.

*The ID-RP1200VD is a 1.2 GHz repeater that is switchable between DV or DD mode. DD mode operation acts as a wireless modem through a computer’s Ethernet port to provide data communication and internet access up to 128 kbps. Use the IC-9700’s 1.2 GHz DD mode to set it up as a wireless modem.

Key Features of the D-Star Third Generation Repeaters:
– LTE capable, suitable for emergency deployments
– RF direct sampling and FPGA platform
– Compatible with the external ID-RP2C repeater controller
– SD card slot for firmware updates save setting data, FM mode, and Voice ID audio

Connect the optional LTE unit, UX-262 to directly connect an LTE network and the internet. One LTE network can be shared with multiple repeater modules on one site. A data SIM card provides network coverage. A static Global IP address is required for the internet SIM. Combining the internal Gateway function and the LTE unit can make a deployable provisional D-STAR repeater site for emergency situations.**
** Please check the legal requirements before using the provisional repeater site

The IDRP2010V/RP4010V repeater uses the latest RF Direct Sampling method. The ID-RP1200VD uses a 1.2GHz, Down Conversion IF sampling. This means when the signals are processed in the FPGA, it greatly improves the receiver’s sensitivity.

Other Features:
– High duty cycle operation
– Replace a repeater module in the ID-RP2 series D-STAR repeaters, as the new modules are compatible with the ID-RP2C controller
– CW ID/Voice ID transmitter
– SD card slot for firmware updates, save setting data, FM mode, and Voice ID audio
– Each RF module has a 10 MHz reference signal input
– Each RF module has an internal controller providing CTCSS, DTCS codes, 1750 Hz tone and CW/Voice ID programmable for analog FM mode

Supplied Accessories:
– DC power cable (3m, 9.8 ft.)
– Fuses
– Ethernet cable (0.6m, 2.0 ft.)
– Rubber stands
– USB cable (1M, 3.2 ft.)
– Allen wrench




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