DXLog 2.5.29 is now available

DXLog was ignoring some cluster spots from DXSpider nodes. DXLog was also ignoring some PSK spots. These have been fixed.

Problems with the spot quality tags for DXSpider and local spots and persistence in the bandmap have been fixed.

Live scoring for contests with periods have been fixed. Live scoring problems with the points/multiplier breakdown have been fixed. Live score reporting now reports multipliers in additional contests.

There are several improvements to the bandmap:

Stations within 1 KHz of the lower frequency end of the bandmap are now shown.

The bandmap showed frequencies every 10 KHz.  When zoomed in it will now show them every 5, 2, or 1 KHz.

There is an option to show station information instead of number of calls or multipliers.

There are several improvements to TCP communications:

A DNS name can be used instead of an address.

TCP communications can be configured for microHAM, WinKey, and OTRSP.

The Kenwood TS-890s is supported for TCP using the administrator name and password.

The heights of some fields in the entry lines were not the same. This has been fixed.

File->Update contest now updates the points and prefill regex files.

$SERIAL and $SERIALNOAB have options for the minimum number of digits. For example $SERIAL(3) will always send at least three digits.

$POWER now follows CW abbreviation settings.

The links in the text panel of DXLog.net.DXC are now clickable.

An alert about contest periods has been added to the Contest configuration panel.

Autosend problems have been fixed. We think it is working correctly now. Please let us know if we missed something.

A problem where the wrong QSO was saved in SO2R has been fixed.

A bug introduced in 2.5.28 which affected several Winkey clones has been fixed.

A crash after switching to separate RST and exchange has been fixed.

DXLog no longer selects the entire callsign when focus is returned to the entry window.

ADIF DOK export for Logger32 has been removed.

The obsolete menu options “Add spacing when stacking messages” and “Don’t prefill exchange when clicking spot in ESM mode” have been removed.

Several menu wordings have been improved.

There are many updates to contests, new contests added, and obsolete contests removed. See the release notes for more information.

Paul, K1XM for the DXLog developers

Download : http://dxlog.net/




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