A Big Flare, A Radiation Storm & Double Fast Wind Streams

This past week our Sun has been sending us a cornucopia of space weather phenomena, including launching several solar storms in near-Earth vicinity, firing a big solar flare, and showering us with a radiation storm! Luckily, all of their effects at Earth have been either minor, short-lived, or have missed entirely. Back on the 20th, an M5.5-flare launched a radiation storm that reached the S1-level. It did cause some issues for radio propagation and navigation at high latitudes for about a day before it began to wane. However, we will still deal with its lingering effects in the near-Earth satellite environment over the next day or so. In addition, we have two, back-to-back fast solar wind streams that will hit Earth over this coming week.

These could give us some decent aurora chances at high latitudes and possibly some aurora down to mid-latitudes in bursts. GPS users and amateur radio operators should expect minor disruptions on Earth’s night side. Solar flux remains in the high 80s to low 90s, which means marginal radio propagation on Earth’s dayside, but with new regions rotating into Earth view over the next few days, it looks like conditions could improve soon. Learn the details of the recent solar events, including what remains of the waning radiation storm, find out how the two fast solar wind streams will affect us in the coming days, and see what else our Sun has in store this week!




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