Cyclon 2.2 kW LDMOS Amplifier

“Our youngest “child”, that is the 2.2 kW version of the CYCLON. Characteristic for this version is an external controller that can be placed near the radio station, and the main unit can be located a cable length between the controller and the amplifier.
The functionality of the amplifier is the same as in the CYCLONE 1200W version. Works with all types of transceivers. Control power 20-25W.
The sample shown in the photos was made in an enhanced version with four transistors, two in parallel in each of the two amplifiers working on a power combiner.”

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The RJK-Radiotechnika company was founded in 2000 in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. We operate in the field of radiocommunication. We deal with the installation, maintenance and service of radio, professional and amateur communication equipment. The company also deals with the production and distribution of a 1.2 kW transistor amplifier and GXP shortwave antennas.

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