Portable with the Slidewinder DX Multiband HF Antenna

Slidewinder DX Ground Spike Antenna kit.

Designed as part of the Slidewinder DX Range of products, For base- portable- travel- backpacking antenna systems.
Sets up in less than 10 minutes.

No masts, no guy lines, no ATU needed, no hassle set up.
40m to 10m using tuning slider on the coil, Fast deployment anywhere, Get them activations done & the contacts in your log.
Great for holiday operating, From the beach for EmComm severe weather operations, Backpacking, DXpeditions, WWFF, Sota, Pota, or any type of portable Operation,
Or a stealth setup for hf at home to avoid antenna restrictions.

This kit includes

1x Military Folding Antenna Manpack 7 Sections Length 285 CM (9.35 ft).
1x Slidewinder DX Coil select your coil colour.
1x Ground radials 4x 4.5m radials.
1x Slidewinder DX Ground spike mount.

The supplied Military Folding Antenna Manpack 7 Sections Length 285 CM (9.35 ft)
It’s a broadband monopole antenna designed for portable or manpack radios requiring a compact but rugged antenna system.

If used in a stand-alone setup the antenna will cover 28-54 MHz with an external antenna tuner. To enhance RF propagation and antenna performance a ground-plane is required.

Its design has been borrowed from similar antennas utilized by many armies all over the world
It is very hardy, sturdy and portable (being collapsible). Un-mounted the entire antenna length is less than 20”. The 7 brass sections of 17″ long each are hold together by a piece of military shock cord.

Height: 9’35” ft.

The SlideWinder DX Coil operates from 40 to 10m metres with the Military Folding Antenna Manpack 7 Sections Length 285 CM (9.35 ft)
When used portable in the field or fixed-station the use of the ground radials kit that comes supplied with 4 x 4.5m radials, is required, But if you wish to add more radials it will only help to improve antenna performance & lower VSWR further.

SlideWinder DX Coils may be used at power levels up to 200 Watts SSB, 100 Watts CW and 25 Watts with digital modes.

Tuning, Slide tuning slider up and down coil until maximum noise or signal is received.
Fine tune for lowest VSWR Using a VSWR Meter or an Antenna Analyzer.

The ground Spike mount for a portable vertical antenna.
It pushes into any lawn or soft earth surface, That provides the coaxial connection & radial connections, With mechanical stability to hold your vertical antenna.
Made from strong high-grade aluminum.

OPERATION: Designed for field deployment of the Slidewinder DX Coil & Mil whip antenna.
COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Antenna equipment; Ham and HF mobile antennas; CB mobile antennas. CONNECTOR: SO-239 (PL259 compatible) with 50 ohm standard impedance.

ANTENNA FITTING: Is the Standard 3/8″-24 female thread.

RADIAL TERMINALS: Two 4mm bolts with wing nuts to hold your ground radials in place.

PLATE MOUNTING HOLE: spike has a 3/8″-24 thread which is secured to the mount plate center hole by 1 Stainless steel spring washer & 2 3/8″ -24 Stainless steel half nuts.

POWER RATING: of Ground spike mount is 500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA.

Size Spike length 300mm x 38/-24 Diameter.

T Bar section L150mm x W45mm x D 5mm.

Complete kit weight 1.345kg


Made in the UK by M1ECC Antennas.

Slidewinder DX From M1ECC Antennas.


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