Letter: Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia

“Dear colleagues!

On behalf of Russian radio amateurs, we appeal to all radio amateurs in the world and their leaders – heads of national organizations.

Since its formation in 1992, the Russian Amateur Radio Union has consistently adhered to the national legislation in the field of communications, the principles of ham spirit, and since joining the IARU in 1994, the IARU Constitution.

Over the past decades, the world has experienced a series of military conflicts involving the United States, NATO and their allies in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a number of other countries. And never, no matter which side the Russian state is on in this or that conflict, the Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia did not allow itself any unfriendly steps towards radio amateurs and amateur radio organizations of the countries participating in the conflicts.

And now we expect from radio amateurs and national amateur radio organizations the same responsible approach that they themselves have taken during these three decades.

Each of us off the air can give his own assessment of what is currently happening in Ukraine, but today we can and must demonstrate to the public that radio amateurs are a community of people who treat each other with respect, regardless of political beliefs, religion and nationality. The amateur radio service promotes mutual communication and friendship between people, IARU is out of politics. This is what the IARU leadership emphasizes in their appeal dated February 28, 2022.

World history, including the history of amateur radio, knows many examples when unfriendly steps, various boycotts only aggravated conflicts. At the same time, it was radio amateurs who many times came to the aid of victims of disasters and emergencies, providing communication, and thereby saving people’s lives.

In connection with the events in Ukraine, the Russian Amateur Radio Union invites radio amateurs and amateur radio organizations – members of the IARU to remain true to amateur radio traditions: to refrain from rash emotional acts using Amateur Radio in any of its manifestations for this, not to lose contact with each other, to show wisdom and mutual respect and thereby contribute to the speedy settlement of the situation.

Union of Radio Amateurs of Russia.





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