Three simultaneous transmissions from the Russian OTH

Three simultaneous transmissions from the Russian OTH (Over The Horizon; long range) Contayner radar in the 40 meter ham radio nothing. Required bandwidth = 12 kHz (which, depending on the splatter, can exceed 20 kHz). Rate of sweeps per second (sps, sweeps per second) = 40 sps.

The RADAR Over The Horizon Radar (OTH Radar, Radar beyond the horizon; long range), is a type of radar system with the ability to detect targets at very long ranges, typically hundreds to thousands of kilometers, beyond the radar horizon, which is the distance limit for ordinary radar. Various OTH radar systems were deployed beginning in the 1950s and 1960s as part of early warning radar systems, but these have generally been superseded by airborne early warning systems.

The use of OTH Radars has now subsided, as the need for accurate long-term tracking becomes less important with the end of the Cold War, and less expensive ground-based radars are once again being considered for functions such as maritime reconnaissance and surveillance of drug trafficking. However, old facilities are still in use and we are witnessing the creation of new ones.

Signal captured by the URE listening service, IARUMS URE (IARU Monitoring System, URE).

More information about IARUMS URE at:


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