Memory keyboard for IC-705

The keypad is connected to the “Key” socket (morse key) of the IC-705 or the “Ext. Keypad” socket of the IC-7610 . As described in the Icom user manual, this allows the recall of the memories 1 to 8 for telegraphy (CW keyer), RTTY and voice (FM,SSB).  In addition, two keys are available as a substitute for a morse key (dot/dash). But the normal morse key can also be connected, for which a corresponding socket is available on the Keypad-705. A cable with 2x 3.5mm stereo jacks is included in the scope of delivery.

Application Description KEYPAD-705

The IC-705 portable transceiver and the IC-7610 desktop transceiver offers eight memories for pre-recorded messages in different operating modes. This is especially useful in contests, but can also be used for any CQ call or other standard text.

These memories are available for telegraphy, RTTY (+PSK for IC-7610) and voice (FM, SSB) and can normally be recalled via the touch screen. However, since you usually want to display something else on the screen, this extension offers the possibility to recall the eight memories with an external keyboard. This makes it much easier to run a contest or work through a pile-up.

Of course, you can still connect the normal Morse key. Alternatively, you can use two keys (dot/dash) on the keypad for telegraphy.





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