xCluster: A Mac DXCluster Map App

xCluster is a visual display of dx cluster activity. DX spots are received via telnet or web services and displayed in a tabular form and plotted on a map of the world. You can filter the spots by call sign or band. You may also configure it to only show FT4/FT8 spots. 

Spots are created using the latitude and longitude of the dx station and spotter. The program has a call parsing component to determine the country for each call but can use QRZ.com for more accurate location data. Lookup priority is QRZ.com with the the call parser as a backup.

This program as a programming exercise and also because I use VE3SUN DX Monitor on Windows and wanted to fully migrate to the Mac. It does not currently have a lot of functionality other than spot display and call and band filtering but I will slowly add to it as time goes by. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments on w6op.com or email me at support@w6op.com and I’ll add things as I go along.

I will not not be adding any rig control code in the near future and if I do it will only be for the Flex Radio 6xxx series.

Download: https://w6op.com/download/xcluster/



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