Inflatable Satellite Antenna

Inflatable Satellite Antenna

GATR 2.4m Inflatable Ku & C Band Satellite Antenna VSAT Satcom Deployable

Up for auction is an GATR 2.4m inflatable antenna for Ku and C Band.  This unit is in good physical and working condition.I also have a 1.8m GATR, see my other auction for details.Comes With The Following Components In Six Hard Cases:
Antenna Case:

GATR 2.4m Antenna

Antenna Compression Bag

Antenna StageGround Anchor Plates 
Inflation Hose Assemly Green and Yellow

GATR Manual Inflation Unit
Inflation Adapter Hose Assembly

Ku Band Electronics Case:
KU RF Feedmount
2.4m KU Feedmount Leg Assembly – A & CLow Noise Block Upconverter, 3W, Ku Band – New Japan NJT5116F Ku Band 3W BUC

Low Noise Block Downconverter, Ku Band, 11.70-12.20GHzLow

Noise Block Downconverter, Ku Band, 12.25-12.75GHz
Low Noise Block Downconverter, Ku Band, 10.95-11.70GHz
High Power Amplifier, 16W, KU Band

– Wavestream MBB-KUE016-DS00 16W Ku BUC

UpconverterPower Supply, High Power Amplifier, 300

– Wavestream MBP-000300-D000 300W Power SupplyFlex wave Waveguide Assembly, 10FT
Cable, HPA, AC PowerCable, HPA, 32 PinCable, HPA, 19 PinCable, HPA, RS485 Serial To USB AdapteriConnex E800 Modem – Norsat OMU-800

Sealed Power Supply, 24VDC RF Cable Assembly, Monitor, RG6, 50FTRF Cable Assembly, Transmit-Receive, RG6, 50FTStake BagTool BagCommon Spares Kit

UPS Case:

Uninterptable Power Supply – Mobile Pathways SWE10WF24V2
UPS AC Input CableUPS DC Input Cable

UPS DC Output Cable, Dual Head, 4 PinCable Pouch
Auto Inflation Unit Case:

Auto Inflation Unit
Sealed Power Supply, 24VDC 
24VDC Backup Cable

C Band Equipment Case:

TERRASAT High Power IBUC   –  Model: IBUC058064-1AC100 Feed Horn with ARA Seaver Division ESA-46C1/GATR – C-Band PLL LNB NJS8487S
GATR Operator Manuals and Software

Soldiers trained on inflatable satellite antenna





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