Comet CAT-300 Manual Tuner 

Introduced at Hamvention for the US market the new Comet CAT-300 tuner will handle 300 watts and covers 160 through 6 meter amateur radio bands.

Comet CAT 300 300 Watt Antenna Tuning Unit

The CAT-300 is a quality 300 Watt antenna tuner which boasts 2x antenna inputs, a very useful frequency range of 1.8 – 60Mhz, smart illuminated cross needle display, and even PEP/Average power reading.

Comet CAT 300 300W Antenna Tuning Unit
Freq: 1.8 – 60 MHz
Power: 300W (SSB)
Antennas: 2 co-ax inputs
Impedance: 10 – 600 Ohm
Input Connector: SO239
Meter: SWR/Power
30W/300W Average/PEP
Cross needle illuminated display panel
Size: 250 x 93 x 200 


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