Episode 404 – Desiree Baccus – N3DEZ


Desiree Baccus, N3DEZ, while a relatively new ham, has an infectious excitement and enthusiasm for amateur radio that cannot be underestimated.  She is already a mover and shaker for advancing amateur radio to her community ,and she is a key player for NASA on the Air Event, NASA’s year long amateur radio celebration.  N3DEZ is my QSO Today.


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Hometown:  Modesto, Ca
QTH: Castle Rock, Colorado
First License: KM6CTR, 2016, Technician
OM: Carl Baccus, KM6HRW
Favorite Operating Mode:  FT8

Yaesu VX3 Portable
Elecraft KX3 Portable HF Transceiver

NASA, Administrative Specialist
NASA Network Engineer
Edwards Air Force Base
NASA Ames Research Center, San Francisco Bay Area
Blimp Hangers in California
Air Traffic Management
NASA Langley Center
CERT Training – Morgan Hill/Gilroy
Garlic Festival, Gilroy
CERT, San Benito, CA
Garlic Valley Amateur Radio Club
ARRL Field Day
Sam Palm AI6OG
Sharon Tamir, W6TXT
Heatherly Takeuchi, N6HKT, VE
John Lance KI7TBW
MakerFaire Fun Night
Liz Pratt KM6KNM
California QSO Party
HF Digital Modes
FT8 Digital Mode
JT Alert – ham app
POTA – Parks on the Air
Allstar Link Mode
DMR Amateur Radio
Denver Radio Club
Mojave Desert
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
NASA on the Air
Apollo 16 Moon Landing
Artimus Launch
STS7 – Space Flight
Sally Ride, Astronaut
Apollo 17 Spaceflight
Rob Suggs, NN4NT,  Episode 330 QSO Today Podcast 
International Space Hall of Fame
NASA’s CubeSAT Launch Initiative
Beanie Babies Display Boxes
AARC- Aimes Amateur Radio Club
NASA Interns
Parachute Mobile Amateur Radio
NASA Ames Space Center Radio Club

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: losing our Elmer and founders of the hobby, because they provide a sense of purpose.  

Excited most by: evolution of the culture and the way interactions between hams, inclusion. 

Advice to new or returning hams: join a club and be a regular contributor.  Every amateur has something to offer.  Then find your passion. 

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Yaesu VX3 Dual-Band Portable Radio

Elecraft KX3 HF Portable Transceiver


US Navy J-4 Airship with Hanger One, 1934
Credit: NASA Ames

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